Commercial Property

Why use a professional for commercial property landscaping?

First impressions last, and quality commercial property maintenance and landscaping can be the key to making the right impact on visitors.

The effort you put into presenting your business can be just as valuable as your products and services. Appearance is one of the most important aspects of a commercial property, and can be the difference between somebody walking through the front door and simply walking by. It helps visitors form an opinion of you, one that can influence how they interact with your business. 

You take pride in your strengths and ability to live up to customers needs and expectations. Your business deserves landscaping and maintenance that you can be just as proud of. Our experienced in-house team and trusted commercial landscape contractors have decades of experience making properties look their best – and ensuring they continue doing so for years to come.

Our work includes:

Commercial landscaping planning and design

We work with you to develop a commercial landscape plan that fits your business, including your goals and style.

Commercial property maintenance

This includes regular watering, pruning and other upkeep to make sure your space is healthy and thriving. Dedicated teams know your property inside and out – and what's best for it.

Commercial lawn care and maintenance

From mowing and trimming to seeding, aeration and other winter prep, we'll make sure your lawns keep their top-notch look throughout the year no matter the weather.

Irrigation and water management

Set up watering systems for your gardens and playing surfaces or develop proper irrigation, rainwater harvesting and more for commercial properties.

Response Maintenance

Need some extra care when the unexpected happens? We'll be there to deal with storm damage or any other problems that fall outside of our scheduled visit.

Seasonal floral displays

Keep your property looking fresh with an update every season. We'll recommend flowers and plant species that are bound to make a splash.

The right landscaping looks great, can attract business and show that you take pride in what you do.

Contact us today to see how we can help your space get the look your brand and service deserves, and check out some of our commercial landscape maintenance projects to see just what we can do.

Commercial Property

Is your commercial property attracting customers?

We’d love to start talking with your team and explore how we can improve the presentation of your property.
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Not sure where to start? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

To get a quote for your commercial grounds maintenance request, simply contact Landscape Solutions and set up a time for us to come to your business and make a plan. 

By visiting your premises, we can familiarise ourselves with your location (or locations) and determine the best course of action for your business. By better understanding the geography of your space and the foot traffic you experience, we can figure out a plan that suits your goals and works with your schedule and budget.

In general, indoor plant maintenance is included as part of any commercial maintenance plan. While outdoor commercial landscaping is often considered a key to making a great first impression, indoor plant maintenance can be just as important in presenting your business or property in the strongest possible manner. Whether it’s ferns and greenery dotted around your office building to keep employees happier and healthier or bright flower boxes in busy pathways, the right plants can make a huge difference.

Yes, commercial property maintenance is available for strata premises.

All communities deserve a welcoming, well-kept environment in which to live their day-to-day lives. Residential maintenance can attract new residents to apartment complexes and master planned neighbourhoods and help current inhabitants live their best life. The best commercial landscaping companies in Auckland will help you create a plan focused on keeping natural plant life, garden and flower beds and lawns well-manicured and healthy, so your strata team can worry about other important matters.