Councils & Government

Open space maintenance services for councils and government organisations

Our mission is to create great places, and that means ensuring all Kiwi’s have access to safe, appealing and well-maintained parks and gardens. That includes everything from local sporting fields to the more high-profile, city parklands, formal gardens, street gardens, large council reserves, skate parks, playgrounds, even council-maintained bushland

Replacing annuals each year to breathe fresh life into your space; ensuring trees and bushes stay trimmed and healthy; watering garden beds so flowers can bloom their brightest; maintaining high quality fields and turf through watering, seeding and winterising – these are just some key aspects of our open space management services. And our team has the knowledge and ability to take care of it all, keeping your areas warm and welcoming all year round. 

When it comes to commercial landscaping maintenance, a set and forget approach won’t work. That’s why we work closely and collaboratively with our clients to not only ensure our parks and open spaces are up to scratch, but that we’re also continuously implementing improvement programs and making processes better wherever we can. 

We also aim to be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. When possible, we will use methods and equipment that are environmentally friendly. For example, in many areas we use steam foam as an example of environmentally friendly weed control. 

We pride ourselves on working with councils to inject life into community spaces and ensure New Zealand’s most important assets are protected for future generations.

Our council landscaping services include:

  • Passive Mowing
  • Sports Turf Mowing
  • Sports Turf Line Marking
  • Sports Turf Renovations
  • Grass Cricket Wicket Preparation
  • Irrigation Management and Maintenance
  • Bush Maintenance & Biosecurity
  • Gardening & Revegetation
  • Rose & Annual Bed Horticulture
  • Road Network & Town Centre Vegetation Control
  • Playground Inspections & Maintenance
  • Amenity Tree Pruning
Council Roadside landscape maintenance works
Community involvement

Promoting positive community engagement

Beloved buildings and structures, shared-use zones and gorgeous urban landscaping have the power to become the centrepieces of communities – where residents and visitors go to meet, play, relax and grow together. 

Our commercial lawn care service and  commercial landscaping services and are designed to promote positive resident engagement and community empowerment. We want all members of the public to enjoy spending time in the spaces we maintain. We are always open to feedback and take on board any comments from the community. That also means taking great care when working around members of the public and being considerate of their needs. 

We work with partners, councils and government organisations and provide a helping hand at community events. That could include anything from setting up for events, assisting with weeding and planting, or even spending time with community members to instruct them in proper planting techniques. 

Safety is key

Safety is paramount, and that includes everyone from our own staff, to subcontractors and of course members of the public. Our team are trained in our stringent safety measures, and routine checks and audits across our sites ensure our team are meeting our safety and quality standards. This commitment to safety also means the identification and removal of any hazards that could impact on public safety by our team. 

Safety is key - mowing

Can we help maintain your important community spaces?

We’d love to start talking with your team and explore how we can provide you with reliable and value-for-money commercial landscaping services. 
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Not sure where to start? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, we do pride ourselves on working with any level of New Zealand government, as well as local councils and local boards.

We’ve worked with governments at all levels on everything from revitalising small suburbs and neighbourhoods with new playgrounds, parks and urban landscaping to transforming city centres with shared public areas that increase foot traffic and increase pedestrian enjoyment and accessibility. Our emphasis on a safe working environment, fair hiring and working practices and commitment to staying within strict budgets and guidelines make us excellent partners for council landscaping projects.

When you work with Landscape Solutions, we provide the machinery and landscaping equipment required for each commercial landscaping maintenance contract. 

While we greatly value your input, we don’t expect you to come up with the tools of the trade. Our expert in-house team and hand-picked suppliers will provide all of the heavy machinery and landscaping materials needed to get the job done.

Yes, rehabilitation can be included as part of a park maintenance project. 

Parks and open spaces often require a lot more than adding fun playgrounds and shade structures for visitors to enjoy. They can also call for extensive wetland and other natural rehabilitation to keep areas safe for years to come, not to mention to preserve the gorgeous surrounding habitat. Our team has extensive experience with park management and conservation, carefully designing projects that take rehabilitation and nature’s needs into account. That means you can spend less time worrying about the health and safety of your environment.