Biosecurity & Revegetation

Revegetation Services & Biosecurity

At Landscape Solutions, we are extremely passionate about our natural environment. Because of this, we’ve created a division who dedicate their time specifically to the protection of our natural environment, New Zealand wide. 

This division, Applied Biosecurity Solutions, is made up of a team of people who are dedicated to our natural spaces and native species, and believe our rich and unique biodiversity deserves defending.

A genuine passion and understanding of the interaction between water, soil and air health is crucial to provide optimum levels of protection. Our team of experienced, industry qualified professionals, all at the top of their game in their respective areas of specialisation, apply environmentally sensitive and sustainable solutions to deliver the best possible outcome for the environment and our clients.

Our range of revegetation services include:

Environmental Restoration

Restoration and ongoing maintenance of existing natural features to support the health and sustainability of the environment and regeneration of native flora and fauna species.

Pest Plant Control

Effective and collaborative management planning and sustainable, best-practice control options of invasive terrestrial and aquatic species to reduce competition to our native species.

Community Involvement

Collaborating with, supporting, and empowering Iwi, community groups and volunteers to form biosecurity teams and networks will be integral to success. We will be there to help.

Habitat Rejuvenation & Restoration Planting

Identifying and connecting natural habitats by developing corridors to support the establishment of native species. We create zones that support breeding, pollination and food sources while maintaining the integrity of the region.

Pest Animal Control

The control of pest animals is essential for the survival of many native species and ecosystems. We utilise safe, targeted, and humane methods of control which pose minimal risk to the environment, members of the public, non-target pets and animals.

Controlling pest and animal species for the benefit of natural populations

There are more than 30,000 introduced plant species in New Zealand and thousands upon thousands of pest animals wreaking havoc on our natural populations.

These species have led to the extinction of dozens of endemic New Zealand species and are continuing to threaten New Zealand wildlife and plant life.

As such their control is essential to the conservation of New Zealand ecology. Our Applied Biosecurity Solutions division use methods that involve the control of these invasive species – safely and effectively.

We assess ecology, species distribution and habitat quality. From there we design and plan ongoing animal control programs and work alongside our other departments to deliver long term, stable ecological and environmental improvements.

Are you ready to begin your revegetation mission?

We’re ready to get started and work with you to develop sustainable solutions for the benefit of our environment. 
Head to Applied Biosecurity Solutions and contact us to get started. 

Wetlands and aquatic spaces

Protecting wetlands and aquatic spaces

Wetland systems in New Zealand have faced serious neglect since colonisation. A once thriving ecosystem has suffered draining, pollution, repurposing, and pest plant invasion. As wetland and aquatic systems provide a bounty of resources, they act as corridors for native and exotic flora/fauna to travel from region to region.

We look to improve these systems through hydrology and function, ongoing maintenance plans (including rubbish removal), potential reintroduction of species, water quality enhancement, and aesthetic improvement of public assets.

 Sustainable ecological restoration with long-term results

We are committed to providing our clients with safe, and considered long-term solutions and welcome the opportunity to be involved from planning to completion. We take the time to listen and will draw on our experience to ensure we achieve the best outcome.

Proactive engagement and regular communication fosters our long-lasting relationships and ultimately successful projects. Our focus is on providing a specialised range of services tailored to our client’s needs.

For every project, we will:

• Take the time to understand your vision, objectives, and specifications

• Ask the tough questions to ensure that we cover all possibilities

• Assess how the risks can be mitigated

• Prepare then present detailed project instructions and milestones to the client

• Undertake all physical works in an efficient and professional manner, ensuring compliance with all legislative requirements, project specifications, and inhouse processes and procedures

ABS Team on Site
Example of wetlands and aquatic

Not sure where to start? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Applied Biosecurity Solutions are able to provide chemical free weed management options to our clients as part of an integrated programme. With any weed problem there are several factors which can significantly contribute to the successful establishment and continual reinvasion of weeds.

Historically the use of chemicals has been seen as the quick fix. In more recent times, chemicals are certainly one means of controlling weeds but there are a range of other options which can be utilised to reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals. We are happy to discuss these with our clients and come up with a plan, tailor made for your specific situation.

Our revegetation division have a small but specialised team of environmentalists who are not only passionate about the work they undertake but also in sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Working alongside the community in controlling invasive pest plant and animal species is part of our normal service delivery and we are happy to work alongside community and volunteer groups to offer advice and training.

We can even throw together a BBQ, it is tiring work after all!

Applied Biosecurity Solutions can offer degree qualified team members, who not only have a strong theoretical background but possess the practical skills and experience to know what is realistically achievable operationally in the field.

Our team will listen to the client to establish what the desired outcome is for a particular space and then offer practical solutions, timelines and associated costs to make it all happen. We work collaboratively with our clients and want tyo be able to share the same goal.

Revegetation is the process of replacing or facilitating the return of natural vegetation and restoring healthy soil in a degraded area.