Golf Course Management

Change the game with our golf course management solutions​

Is your course looking and playing its best? Are you finding it hard to maintain a high-quality course with budgets constantly under pressure? Our specialised golf course maintenance division provides golf course management options to ensure you’re meeting the demands of your members and guests.

You set the standard. We make it happen.

With the right team and processes in place, golf course management is simple. We’ve developed and refined our methods over the years to consistently deliver on customer grounds maintenance goals. Keep your greens, fairways, rough and any other area of your golf turf ready for play with the help of our scale and expertise.

Be the club of choice for players in – and outside – your area. Our team of professional greenskeepers and superintendents knows what it takes to maintain the high standards players of all ages and ability levels expect. With the help of our expertise and collaborative way of working, you can book out your tee times for years to come.

Have you found the right balance between course maintenance and player use? Make sure you have these essentials covered.

Course maintenance

Define your vision with the help of Landscape Solutions. You can benefit from our combination of large scale and local implementation and ensure your vision for course presentation, whether it’s a world-class experience at a private club or public access golf facilities of all standards, comes to life. Your vision. Your budget. Our experience, ability and resources.

From minor bunker renovations to full course construction, we will guide you along the process from the first chat through to long-term ongoing maintenance. That means value for money and a significant improvement on your standing in the market.

We change the game with the following golf management solutions:

An approach grounded in science 

We are relentlessly focused on continual improvement. Our golf turf maintenance experts work with you to assess water quality and quantity, onsite soil conditions and discuss traditional agronomy practices to develop a science-based approach to meeting your needs and hitting your goals.

Checking irrigation on the course

Irrigation is key

Turf management is all about water. Having enough, putting it on, taking excess off and making sure the quality is suitable for healthy golf turfgrass growth.

As experts in the irrigation field, we can handle all aspects of the golf course irrigation systems on your property and can even provide upgrades now on a pay later platform.

Golf Course Maintenance Services

Turf renovations and course upgrades made easy

Our experts work with you to deliver not just on turf, but for your customers and therefore for your business. Whether it be aeration, de-thatching, topdressing or soil amendment applications, we will work proactively with you and within budget. We have the scale and resources to make renovations and course upgrades a time of excitement, not a time of stress.

Ask us about our Solutions Production System – it’s how we ensure the right things are done at the right time every day. Click here to get in touch. 

Has management of your course become a headache?

We’d love to start talking with your team and explore how we could help improve your course operations.
Talk to one of our golf course management specialists to get started.

The Case for Outsourcing

A program that works for you

We’ll work with you to develop a program that reflects your goals. This is the case whether your goals are financial, related to turf quality or course improvements like improved greens, tees and hard infrastructure. We’ll make sure you’re always ready to host special events.

Budget control

We deliver to our original plan, staying on budget every year. Outsourcing frees you up to spend your funds in other areas, providing an immediate cash injection to the club and giving you time to find new ways to attract members and guests to your course.

Staff management

Reduce the time and money you spend managing staff, and focus on other areas with the help of our experienced assistance. We can schedule the day to maximise productivity, and we have sufficient staff numbers to ensure annual leave is always covered.

Your course is our only concern

Equipment broken down? New machine way over budget? Make those issues a thing of the past with the help of our large-scale purchasing power. We have the resources and financial capabilities to provide you with the machinery you need at a price that fits your budget.


Equipment broken down? New machine way over budget? With us, you receive the benefits of our large-scale purchasing power. We have the resources and financial capabilities to provide you with the most suitable machinery.

Reducing your risk

You can rest easy knowing we take full responsibility for our staff, workers comp and return to work. It’s no longer an area of your concern with our third-party certified WHS system, so you can get back to focusing on your brand.

Not sure where to start? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

No, unfortunately we do not currently provide golf course construction services.

However, if it’s long-term golf course turf management and maintenance services you are looking for, you have come to the right place. This includes vital golf course irrigation and water management, turf installation, renovations and more. And if you’re just looking to make some changes to your existing playing area, we can perform golf course upgrades and renovations of varying sizes and degrees to make your club more attractive to members and casuals alike.

Yes, we are experienced with environmental rehabilitation for golf courses.

We know one of the keys to creating a great playing experience is not only the areas on which golfers, drive, chip and putt, but also the surrounding environment in which they play. We also know the importance of protecting the natural habitat and wildlife that calls the area around your club home. Whether making changes to your existing course, designing a new one with you or setting up a long-term maintenance and management schedule, we can work together to ensure the environment is properly cared for now and into the future.

You can get a quick and clear quote for your golf course project by contacting us here at Landscape Solutions.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Nobody knows your course, or your goals, better than you. By working with you from the start, we can get to know your club – and your players – and develop and plan that suits everybody. We’ll come visit your course and talk through what you’re hoping to achieve and any budgetary constraints. Then we’ll develop a simple, easy-to-read quote for you to review or present to stakeholders.