School Grounds Presentation by Landscape Solutions

Why is the presentation of your school grounds so important?

We talk a lot about the importance of school grounds landscape maintenance but exactly why is it so important? Read on for our top four reasons why the landscaping of your grounds is absolutely essential.

Perception & Reputation

Your grounds are the first thing families will see when they walk into your school. There’s no escaping the fact that the state of your landscaping, the cleanliness and neatness of your grounds will be noticed.

Whether knowingly or not, judgement will be passed before you even say hello if parents are faced with a dust bowl that is meant to pass for an oval, overgrown plants choked by weeds and mulch everywhere but where it should be.

Your grounds need to be picturesque, well-kept and fit to represent the superior education you provide.

It’s crucial that you send the message that you care about the details.

Schools Grounds Perception
Making a great first impression is key

Immersing students in the natural world

Computers, technology and smart buildings are undeniably of great importance to students and their development. But with the rise in technology there has been a tendency to overlook nature and all that it has to offer. That is, social, educational and environmental growth. It’s also widely thought that simply seeing nature can improve the mental wellbeing of students.

By incorporating natural habitat and landscaped areas rather than asphalt, students are provided with opportunities for exploration and are exposed to natural textures and materials.

Teachers gain outdoor learning spaces and students learn the value of patience and how their actions can impact the environment. Check out what the students of Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview think of their new space by watching the video here.

Schools Grounds Shade
These trees provide much-need sun relief on warmer days

School grounds with shade the natural way

Tight budgets don’t always allow for the construction of new shelters and shade structures. Trees are a simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective method of providing sun relief. Your school will be much cooler for it too. The shade under a tree can be up to 10 degrees cooler than any built alternative. An added bonus, they’re also a natural wind barrier.

Some tree species are more effective in providing shade than others so it’s important to look at your space holistically. Your maintenance team can assist you in determining the best position and how what you plant will interact with the surrounding space, buildings and utilities.

Thinking safety

Fallen branches and debris can be a danger to students, becoming tripping hazards. Unfortunately falls do go with the territory of being young, but why not remove any extra risk? Paying attention to your landscaping means regular checks of the grounds will be conducted. Any mess rising from storms and / or heavy winds is also quickly attended to.

Sports fields are another area that can be a cause for concern. An uneven and unkempt playing field can quickly lead to injury. Great turf makes for great sport after all (and let’s not forget the power a great field has in bringing out the green-eyed monster in your competition).

School grounds landscape maintenance now will also help you save on larger, more hazardous and more expensive fix ups later on. Think dead grass, erosion and dangerous overhanging branches.

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