Turf Pigment – what is it and when should you use it?

Healthy, green sports turf is what we all want, year-round. And with the right team and the right program, for the most part this is achievable. There will be times during the year however when keeping your playing surface green is a challenge for even the best of greenkeepers. Think poor growing conditions, adverse weather and heavy play. That’s when turf pigment can provide the necessary additional boost.

What is turf pigment?

Turf pigments are colour enhancement products that can be applied to your field enabling you to keep colour in your surface year-round. Particularly useful for colour enhancement in the cooler months, the right pigment will assist with plant improvement during warmer weather. Some options are also quite effective for use as long-lasting spray indicators.

Turf Pigment
Colour enhancement for year-round colour
Churchie Sports Fields

When do I use it? 

April to August is the best time to apply turf pigment.

Will pigment impact turf health?

Most pigments have been designed to be used on all turfgrass species in a wide range of climates. They can handle different turfgrass management intensity levels. Pigments aren’t paint so they won’t impact the turf’s ability to carry out photosynthesis or block the stomata. They do however act as a sunscreen and will block harmful UV rays. That means they’ll also be resistant to fading from UV exposure. Pigments boast good weather fastness and provide many turf enhancement properties.


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